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Return, Refund & Cancellation Policy

Any amount once added to the MyPlaying11 account of user can't be refunded back to the user in any case, and the amount can be used to join the leagues, fun features and Contest(s) organized by myplaying11.com.

The individuals using the services and Fun Features provided by MyPlaying11 are not permitted to cancel any transaction which has been once confirmed. However, MyPlaying11 is authorized to permit any user to cancel a transaction and refund the transaction amount paid by the user at its sole and absolute discretion, in an event :If the User sends a written request to MyPlaying11 from the registered email Id to cancel such payment; or If the payment is made for participation in the paid version(s) of the Contest(s), the cancellation request must be received at least 2 days prior to the commencement of the round in respect of which the payment is made; MyPlaying11 shall not be liable to refund any amount thereafter.

MyPlaying11 reserves the rights to refund the transaction amount to the user in the abovementioned case at its sole and absolute discretion post deducting applicable cancellation charges and taxes. Further, amid the transaction process, the users should take a note of the additional terms and conditions which significantly govern the transaction. In an event wherein the clauses defined in additional terms and conditions conflict with the present Terms and Conditions defined by MyPlaying11, the additional terms, and conditions associated with transactions shall prevail. The refund is only applicable to the amount used to join any league and shall be refunded to the MyPlaying11 wallet source, as deducted.

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